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join the fight and you may just survive.

everybody run now, everybody run now

LIVE PAST FOURTEEN; an rp community
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an rp based loosely on the world explored in the book 'Shade's Children' by Garth Nix
Once upon a time there was a world. Much like there is today. Everything was as normal and everything was in its place.

Until one day, the children of the world woke up and every adult on the planet had vanished without a trace. All that's left were the children- every child under fourteen. But they were not alone- creatures, known as Overlords, appeared before the children, and took them to the Dorms. But these Overlords were not as kind as first percieved- for, a few weeks later, the first monsters appeared throughout the once inhabited world, wired with the brains of the children older than fourteen. All children live till their fourteenth birthday- and die. And become one of those monsters.

That was fifteen years ago. Now, most of those first children who remember the old world are dead. Scarce few left now were born before the change, and even fewer remember it. And everyone meets the same, miserable end without question. But not every child meets this grotesque end- you will not meet this grotesque end. You escape the Dorms, and run. Run from the Trackers, the Myrmridons, the Ferrets, and the Wingers set to stalk you to the ends of the world and bring you back kicking and screaming. You run through the barren wasteland. And you find you won't run alone, as you find him. Shade.

Shade may be your savior, or your most hated enemy, as you will fight for him against the Overlords and the world they have created from the world so long lost; to bring back the old world. Shade's old world. He is your only sanctuary. He puts you in harms way on the front line. One thing's for sure- you are Shade's Child. Part of his army made up of children.

But Shade has other plans- his children from his world are not up to the task, so he's calling forth others, from other worlds. People to come and help correct the world back to what it was, against their will. And their only return to their homes? Helping Shade. Whoever you are, wherever your origins- you are one of Shade's Children, however old and mature you may be.

And if you're lucky, you will live to fight another day.

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